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Silver Dollar Lake
« on: July 20, 2008, 08:43:04 AM »
We had a wonderful time on our outing to Silver Dollar Lake yesterday.  Tom, Joyce, Doug, Evelyn, Nancy, Gary, Erik and Deanna joined me for a pleasant hike up to Silver Dollar Lake, off of Guanella Pass Road outside Georgetown, Colorado.  We were all more interested in the wildflowers along the trail then we were with actually making it up to the lake. 

It was a beautiful day, with perfect temperatures, almost no wind, and those gorgeous Colorado mountain blue skies.  We didn't make it more than 50 feet up the trail before many of us scattered and started photographing the dew covered wildflowers. We meandered our way up through the fragrant spruce, scattered wildflowers, and small streams along the trail until breaking out above timberline to a grand view of Naylor Lake below and the snow-patched mountain bowl ahead.  It was a "short" 1.5 miles or so up to Silver Dollar Lake, but took most of us about three hours to get to the lake as we stopped numerous times to photograph the beautiful scenery and wildflowers along the way. 

I've started a "Silver Dollar Lake" album in the "Outings" category in the Gallery (It's way down toward the bottom of the page) and would like to invite the participants to post their images when they get a chance.  I should have some images posted by later today.

Thank you again to everyone that joined me, I had a wonderful time.