Author Topic: The NEW Nikon D7000 - Good news / Bad news  (Read 10266 times)


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Re: The NEW Nikon D7000 - Good news / Bad news
« Reply #60 on: November 21, 2010, 07:26:56 PM »
Hi Keith!!! it's been awhile, Ive been very busy as I was telling Rebecca. I actually googled after I posted that and yes I d/l'd camera raw 6.3 and yes it works perfect with CS5. I will look for that ext mic.
I like the D7000, ive contemplated about having a full frame, D300x or s but...hrmmm..very pricey whew!!
 I miss submitting HW here, my schedule changed and just didn't have enough time to shoot pics for leisure, Ive been busy with weddings (on weekends) and lately with senior photos, family & baby photos ( for xmas ), but just really hectic in the hospital. But I miss you all, I browsed the gallery there's so many great pics i love them all!. Hopefully I can be active again soon, I hope I hope!! :)  

Hi Shee,

We missed you too!  I can empathize with the "very busy" comment, it seems like we're constantly trying to get caught up with processing all the images in the cue.  Good to hear that you're busy photographing weddings and senior photos and such.  It sounds like business is going well for you.

Even if you don't have time for the weekly assignments, stop by and show us some of your latest work every now and then.  And let us know how the D7000 is working out for you.  I'm amazed at the "bang for the buck" that camera has.